Kampala City Tour

There are many ways to explore Uganda and its capital city which is well known as Kampala. You can do a cycling safari or take a vehicle ride or do a walking Kampala city tour. Touring Kampala city on foot is one of the best ways to enjoy the city adventure safari.

Kampala city is one of the most exciting cities in Africa, with so many sights and sounds that you could easily miss in a car ride, but on a walking tour, you take in everything one at a time. unlike being a city, it is also a district of its own, located in central Uganda in the Buganda Kingdom.

Kampala’s total population according to the 2011 census was 1,659,600 people. The weather in the city is warm throughout the year hence favorable for everyone, this is because of its closeness to the Equator. Also, note that this mighty city has two rainy seasons as on stars from March to May and the other from August to December.

Kampala city was originally built on seven hills but has now widened and spread to over twenty-two hills. It is a good place to explore with so much to see and experience and the best way to do this is on foot. It is a busy city, this makes it be regarded as a “a city that never sleeps”.

It has lots of people, therefore venturing it and doing various activities alone could be quite scary hence there is a need for a guide who can be in line to lead you through the chaos of the city center and the maze that characterizes Kampala.

Because of that, the guide should be knowledgeable enough in order for you to enjoy a walking tour in Kampala. That is why Insight Safari Holidays is in line to give you all you need for your Kampala City tour. Our tour guide ensures that you have a very good and memorable experience. The guide will make sure that you see the real and authentic Kampala city and have an amazing walk tour on your Uganda safari.

A walking tour in and around Kampala is an intimate and interactive safari activity. It is also very exciting and educational. You will get to see different corners of the city, how history blends with today’s life, and the cultural diversity across the city, the people, how business is done and how people live and work and so much more.

You might even learn some basic Luganda that could help you buy a thing or two from the market. Some of the interesting things you will adventure on a walking tour around Kampala city include the old taxi park, Owino market, local crafts, vegetable, and food markets, the Kabaka’s palace, the Idi Amin torture chambers, the Kasubi tombs, the Kabaka’s lake(It is a man-made lake by the Kabaka himself), the Hindu temple, Bahai temple, the Gadaffi mosque, Uganda Martyrs Namugongo shine, the Catholic(Lubaga Cathedral) and Anglican churches(such as Namirembe Cathedral) on different hills, the independence monument and so many other landmarks.

You could also enjoy some of Uganda’s interesting fast foods, such as the Rolex, it’s quite heavy and you will enjoy it or you could visit one of the many restaurants lining the streets of Kampala. In any way, your dining will also be part of this Kampala city tour.

On top of this, you can also visit the various night hangouts such as clubs, restaurants, casinos among others of which you can be sure of enjoying yourself all night. Be sure to get comfortable walking shoes for this part of your Uganda safari, a hat, enough drinking water, sunglasses and also a camera will also do you well. Otherwise, your safari tour in Uganda will always be more memorable and unforgettable with a Kampala city walk tour on your itinerary.

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